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Want to purchase a second quite large cage for Nala, where to look?


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We will be moving out of this rental into our home in June.


We want to get a much larger cage for Nala (almost 11 months CAG) to go in the sunroom we are having added to the house for Nala. I worry about the bars in a big cage being too widely spaced. I also have no idea where to look. I will talk to the gal we bought her from but I also want to see if the experts here can advise us.


Her current cage at home is fine, but we want to give her more space as she loves to be rambunctious with her toys in her cage and also loves to hold onto the side and exercise her wings. We want to provide a quiet zone, wide space for wing flapping, and also lots of toys and perches for her to enjoy. The cage she is currently in will become another space for her in our family room since she always goes where we do. :)


She is out of her cage most of the time but chooses to go in and play quite often. She does go to school with me 3-4 days per week. She is home by herself every Wednesday and when the weather is warm, will be either Sat or Sun.


I appreciate any help and suggestions as to where to look for a grey safe, big cage. Budget......I'd like to stay under $2,000.00 if that is possible.



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Always, be careful with ideas of " upgrading". Your idea, as a parent, doesn't necessary agree with their idea of upgrading. As parrents, we want the " best!" As birds, they want what they feel comfortable with. I have learned... NEVER mess with a greys home. It is their domaine, and they won't care how much money you have spent to upgrade.

I always suggest for new parrents, to invest in a forever home. A cage they can grow into. Sophie has had her favorite metal gym since we got her! We repair it... keep it going! When its hanging by a thread, we keep it going.. She watches repairs, and gives her cluck of approval. She has had this gym from the beginning! While its hanging by a thread, I invest to fix it. Its that important to her. Nancy

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The Featherland Stainless 42 x 28 is awesome. Easy to assemble, easy to clean, big ceramic food dishes, lots of space. I highly recommend it. I got it at getbirdstuff and they were very helpful too.



HRH Inara loves her Featherland Stainless Steel that we also purchased from the folks at http://www.getbirdstuff.com (no affiliation with them, just a satisfied customer). She made the move into her new cage with ease and couldn't be happier. I was very happy with their service and friendly business approach when I phoned them to ask specific questions about the cages. I did, however, take the time to run my hands physically over every nook and cranny of the cage and smooth down any place(s) that I felt could be a bit rough. This was mainly on the latches to the door and to the feed area doors.

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