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An Amazon in your home

Ray P

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We here at grey forums know the joys of living with an African Grey, there intelligence, there shyness, there vocal ability, the way they are slow to except change and the way you have to earn their trust and are loyal. They are truly an awesome companion that fill your life with lots of joy.

Those here at grey forums that have taken in a amazon know that when an amazon comes into your home you are stepping into a new dimension of parroting. One that is just as enjoyable as having an African grey in your home

They are two sides of a coin, different, yet the same. Both are very intelligent and have vocal ability

when it comes to speaking and making many other sounds and just like a grey can be very loyal to its care giver.

The difference between the two is that a grey may be shy, but a amazon will step right up and challenge you. (they both have to be socialized), a zon can be very loud at times as can a grey, but the grey is one of the quieter parrots.

When a guest comes into our home Corky my grey will sit quietly in her cage, but Cricket my zon will do everything she can to get their attention. In time my grey will get into the action with a guest, but my zon is into the action from the start and or will start the action

Corky and Cricket makes my home a well rounded home as many other homes with a combination of parrot species.

This thread is not meant to compare the two as they each are their own and should each be enjoyed for who they are.

Amazon have gotten a bad rap (IMO) and can be a very loving part of a family that also enjoys being with and around you and your family


Lunch with Cricket


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Ray, I so love reading about your life with Cricket as well as other members and their Amazons. I happened in to discover a pet supply store yesterday that had a few parrots. The grey was in his cage watching with cool calm interest, sizing up the newcomer and sat so still he never moved a feather. He was eating when I came in and he froze in his spot, foot raised half way to his beak and he didn't move for five minutes or more. The Amazon was telling me "hi" in the sweetest little voice, feather fluffing, turning upside down and really making a festival of it. She was flinging water and very interested in a newcomer. I had the impression Amazon's were similar in size to our Congo African greys, but this one was huge. It looked as big as my daughter's cat. Of course it wasn't six pounds, and it was probably because it was all fluffed up. I got some of Java's favorite foods there so I am sure I will go back. I am definitely out of my league with Miss Gilbert and not thinking of getting another parrot but it sure was nice to look.

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