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Funny Poopy Guy!


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When Brutus notices me cleaning up a poop spot on the floor he always says, "sorry" like he knows he isn't supposed to poop there. I know he has NEVER pooped on me or any other person he is sitting with. He seems knowledgeable that it is not good to poop on people, but this is not something I ever taught him. I never did teach him to poop on command, but he avoids pooping in his cage and on people. Are your birds similar? Do any of them poop on command?

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I find it funny that 3 months in Jake seems to understand that he shouldn't poop on me, when he first came to us he would let 'er rip on me evertime he was on my shoulder. Now though he goes out of his way to try to not poop on me. By that same token there was an incident where he was in "trouble" for something and had been placed in his cage. After awhile I sat on the floor trying to coax him out so that he knew I wasn't upset with him. A little while later he finally climbed down onto my arm, up to my shoulder, let a huge poop go then proceeded to immediately climb back down my arm and into his cage. Obviously he had not forgiven me as quickly... I can't help but smile even now at that incident.


Ultimately it would be nice if he understood that I have preferences about pooping in certain areas, but that doesn't mean he's going to abide by my wishes.

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Fascinating and fabulous is a good description. The two times Gilbert has bitten me hard, she is quick to say 'sorry'. She learned it before she came to us. She is generally in her own area, on or about her cage and her floor stand so she does seem to poo in any spot where she is standing. What is interesting is, if she poos into the cage from above, onto the papers under her floor stand or onto paper any time, she says nothing, just goes about her business. But sometimes when the door is wide open, she will go to the very edge and poop off the paper onto the hardwood and then she complains loudly that there is "sh$# on the floor". Yesterday when she was off her cage, she made a mess with oatmeal on a glass side table. Then she pooped on the rug as I carried her back to her cage. She watched me clean the glass and said nothing. The second, I started to clean the rug she was exclaiming "sh&$ on the floor". I ignore her completely but I do have to turn my back because no matter how many times she does it, it is always spot on for knowing what I am doing and cleaning up and the look on my face is still amazement that she knows exactly what she is doing.

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