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Bald spot on the head


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hi everyone. My friend Büdü has a bald spot on his head. He also had it when I bought him (2.5 months ago). The location is just (directly) above his eye and size is less than one inch. The guy I bought said when I was buying it's nothing important and will be gone in 2-3 weeks but it didn't. It didn't spread either, I mean it's still same size so I eliminate the possibility of some kind of parasite, etc. Am I right?

What would be the cause of it? I have some guesses: First one is: When travelling to our country (unfortunately) lots of parrots are kept in little wooden boxes so some other parrot's beak or fingers could have done that. Or he hit somewhere before I bought him.

Do you have any ideas ? What should I do? We don't have much avian vets nearby so I would like to get your opinions first.


(I'll take pictures and update)

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Hi Burak how old is Budu? When I bough my CAG at 2 months old he had a few bald spots on his chest and some by his neck but that was because he was still a baby. Unfortuantely he had an issue on his wing that required the vet to put a cone on his head and has been bald on his neck ever since September!


Hopefully Budu's feathers grows back by the time he molts. But there is a possibility that it wont grow back only time will tell :(

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Yeah this is great information actually i was in searing for this information and thinking to make a thread for this but i have no need to make any thread after read out this information anyways thanks for this great

tips i will apply at home ...

Have a nice day my friend

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