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Please Sign and Make a difference for Parrots.


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This place is located right here in Canada and here's a quote from someone who lives locally. :(


*Please consider signing this petition, and please Share it with your friends.

This is more of a "warehouse" than a sanctuary.


Located an hour from us - it may have began years ago with good intentions, but it has steadily spiraled downhill.


800+ parrots - This facility needs to stop bringing in more birds that they are ill-equipped to care for.



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I am hesitant to sign this, not because I don't care but I would hate for this place to be investigated for nothing IF by chance what is being said isn't true or if someone is just trying to get revenge or for whatever reason.........I ask the same question as above, have you seen this personally?

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I am aware of this place, and have been in touch with Animal Rescue Corps and other rescue groups, to get something done. Several groups are investigating. Let's hope for some help for these birds. The owner meant well, but became overwhelmed, and lost funding, etc. But, it is out of control now.

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I saw this on Facebook also.


lovethatgrey, have you personally seen this facility and can you vouch for the accuracy of this information.


Very valid point and question. Thank you Luvparrots for asking. I haven't been to this place myself for it is completely at the other end of the country for me. I feel pretty sick to my stomach that I have provided financial support to this place before I became involved with the online avian community. Perhaps there was a time when it was a good place, but certainly not anymore. What i can say is that I know other parrot owners who live locally to the area as well as in the same province. Some of them have visited and some of them have not. Unfortunately those who live locally know how poorly managed this place really is and Personally, there is no way that I will ever ever let any of my parrots end up in that place.

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