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Ruby actually let my boyfriend give her scratches!


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Since I moved back home, my boyfriend hasn't been able to spend any quality time with Ruby so the times he's been around her in the past 3 months and has tried to give her a head rub, she has attacked him. Even when he has been minding his own business on his laptop. She has climbed down off my shoulder and has purposely run over to him, fluffed up, with beak wide open.


Just yesterday she was on my arm and I got close to him to show him something on my phone. She immediately jumped from my shoulder to his arm, climbed up his shirt and perched herself on his shoulder. I immediately freaked thinking she was going to attack him. Instead, she sat there very calmly. I took her off since he was unsure of whether to have her step up onto his arm.


Afterwards, she was on her travel cage and she flew to the bed and made her way up my shirt and climbed onto my boyfriend’s stomach. Once again, she perched and I asked him if he could go ahead and see if she would let him touch her head. She did, and she proceeded to twist her little head around and close her eyes, nibbling on him occasionally. She sat there the rest of the movie and continued to snuggle with her.


Up until now, she has never allowed him to get this close. She wouldn’t even take her favorite treats from his hand. I’m guessing the fact that he gave up trying to get her attention got to her?


I’m so happy she’s starting to accept him again.

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I think she's allowing herself to be more people friendly lately. Just the other day she accepted treats from my cousin, something she also refused to do even though they were her FAVORITE treats. She goes days without seeing my boyfriend and when she does see him, she'll let him give her tickles. He hand raised her with me when I first got her back in August. I think maybe she was just having a fit because I had to move back home in October and she stopped seeing him?


They really are such cute little things.

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I may be confused but I thought the honeymoon phase was a rescue or rehoming initial time when all was lovely and delightful only to get a surprise when they start getting the lay if the land and want to test the waters. Whatever the case with Ruby, your boyfriend has been patiently waiting his turn. It sure is good to get her to accept treats and spend time with a variety of family members. It helped a lot for us to leave the room and have our visiting daughter go "rescue" the lonely little bird left behind and bring her to the den. It would always break the ice on semester breaks from college to make her seem like an ally instead of an intruder.

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I'll have to try your suggestion Katana. He helped hand feed her when she was 2 months old but she lives with me now and I'm her been her only caretaker for the past 5 months. She's 9 months already. The only person she ever interacts is me and him occasionally because we don't live together anymore. I want to definitely change that though because like I said. I need her to be on good terms with him and she's already accepted him back.



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