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Pippi Longstockings


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Recent conversation:


HRH: Want some cookie? It's great, OK.

ME: No thanks.

HRH: Are you a girl?

ME: Yes, are *you* a girl?

HRH: Very good girl.

ME: Yes, you are a very good girl.

HRH: Where is Joe?

ME: At work.

HRH: What is work?

ME: Joe goes to work so he can bring home more cookies.

HRH: VERY good girl!

ME: Joe is a boy.

HRH: Oh boy!!

ME: Well that's close enough.

HRH: Quackery.


My husband was laughing when I told him about this transpiring, and said that it's like living with Rain Man (Inara) and Pippi Longstockings (me). Naturally, both HRH and I took that statement as a compliment.


Yesterday morning while I was riding my urban pony (my bike) on the indoor trainer, I had been off to a late start. This meant that HRH did not get her usual morning breakfast on time. Much like the Queen of Hearts, rather than shouting, "Off with her head," Joe and I heard (all the way downstairs) "Hello. Hello (in a sweet voice)." then bellowing: "Coffee!!"

Natch, I cut my exercise session a bit short. One does not risk raising the ire of HRH.


Happy Valentine's day!

Pippi and HRH

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By the way what does HRH stand for? Also how old is Inara?


HRH stands for Her Royal Highness. I dubbed her this after a few weeks of her living with us, as she likes to think she rules all that she surveys :D She's a little over 2.5 years old.


Funny you mentioned riding your urban pony:


Great video! HRH often likes to sit on my shoulder on the trainer also, if it's later in the day. This winter, I've been hitting it at around 5 a.m. -- she refuses to be bothered until 7:00. :)


Thanks for sharing, my guy talks (not back to me like that lol), but he prefers to whistle and make sounds to talking.


She really is quite the character. My first CAG was a talker (eventually after he became healthy) but nothing like HRH! I am home with her all day, so we have lots of interaction all day. A lot of our interactions can also be pretty silly and nonsensical. Your guy sounds like a sweetie. Does he whistle any tunes or do you play with doing whistling duets with him? I read an interesting article one time that parrots when learning to whistle music, will practice the notes out of order off on and on until they get the pitches then they string the notes together into the tune. I now listen for that with HRH.


GC180, Yes HRH is for Her Royal Highness :D When I'm cleaning out her cage and she says, "good girl," I always say, "My pleasure Your Highness," etc. hahaha


Inara really is so funny, and is the most interactive bird I've ever had the joy of living with.

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