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I swear my African Grey is constantly trying to mate with me


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My african greys name is jack. Jack goes to me when I stick my hands out and is super friendly. But he starts making a repeated noise that sounds to me like some form of mating call. And then when I hold jack, he continues to make the noise but lowers his wings and body and sort of swings side to side making a louder version of the noise at times.


How do I get him to cut this out? I just want to hold him and be around him without him constantly trying to mate as soon as I'm in his presence

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Don't worry that 2 is too young. All my birds showed mating instincts early on. Just make sure you don't pet him any further down than his head/neck area. IF he gets to crazy, distraction is the key or put him on a play stand when he does that. You don't want to encourage it, you want to discourage it, but do it with out making a big deal. He will stop in due time. MAke sure he gets 12 hours of sleep/dark time, that will also help.

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The Dave that Nancy is referring to is Dave007, he is our resident grey expert but Talon gave you the advice you needed, don't pet the body below the neck area for those are the erogenous zones that are related to sexual stimulation. You want to distract him to something else when he gets in that mood.

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