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Sophie parrotning


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So I get home from work early....very unusual for me. Working different shifts this week that I am home by 4pm. Of course, open birdroom, Sophie comes running( literally), and we sort the mail. She gets the junkmail to sort and I get the bills.

Ollie and Zoey are wrestling in the kitchen which they do all the time! I always tell Ollie " go get her" and they rev up their game of tag and wrestling. Truly not aggressive, but playful. Once I said this today, Sophie decided they shouldn't do it after I told Ollie to go get Zoey. Sophie said " NO OLLIE! NO ZOEY! They immediately stopped. WHAT was that about? Of course they stopped playing. I am usually home by 6 or 7 on a Monday. Could just a few hours difference make her be so pissy? Nancy

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Home again early. She is ruling this house with a " clad iron fist!!" Poor Ollie and Zoey! I've decided to not intervene, let her do what she has always done. I'll get the pups revved up after 6. LOL! I know she is very much into " routine ", and I don't want to stress her. But heck.... if I were Ollie and Zoey, I would think of a coup! She is very kind and considerate though, always brings a peanut out for Ollie, and when Zoey has a seizure, she is right there, always concerned, but in her face where I have to shoo her away. She loves the pups and they love her. Nancy

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