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Space Ship Bridge in attic


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Buy This Victorian House, Get A Spaceship For An Attic


by Nicole Wakelin on February 10, 2014



This lovely Victorian house located near London will give you 7,000 square feet of living space with eight bedrooms, four bathrooms, two basement apartments, and an attic tricked out like a spaceship. It was done as a play space for kids and it’s so cool you’re going to want to take it as your bedroom. It can all be yours for the paltry sum of £3,250,000 or just $5.3 million US.

See the attic after the break…



(RightMove via Neatorama)



Read more at http://nerdapproved.com/approved-products/buy-this-victorian-house-get-a-spaceship-for-an-attic/#Z0WQxr7DZz1JCGFI.99

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That is some imagination! I love it. Janet, if we are dreaming, I am going to dream up a maid, chef, gardener, chauffeur and activities director to go with the theme. Alas, I spend my imagination in less joyful ways. Like when an aggressive driver is tailgating in an attempt to push me faster on a one lane road when I'm already ten miles above the limit. In the keyhole of the trunk I envision a new invention like a airbag to pop out, envelope the front of his car and press a rude expression on his windshield. Then quick as a wink it retracts leaving the driver wondering if he is crazy. Meanwhile my trunk monkey folds and reloads fir the next one.

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Janet, I'm also kinda thinking if you've got $5.3 mil to spend on the property, there's live in staff going into those basement apartments. Not that I'm ever going to know much of anything about any of that. But it's fun to dream & w/w/o the attic, I love what there is to see of that uhmm house.


Dee, you're a wicked, evil woman & you should be so proud!!

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