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That girl!


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So our rescue parrot named Bingo has picked my husband as his favorite person. Luckily I am still permitted to handle him without too much trouble. Oddly enough he talks the most to me and says new phrases every couple mornings.


Yesterday he didn’t want me to pick him up and leaned over to give me a warning bit (it didn’t break the skin and I just ignored it and got him to step up). He then said clearly “OUCH BINGO”. I had to stop myself from laughing.


Then this morning when I went to get him out of the cage to take a shower with me he stepped up and said very loudly “THAT GIRL”. This time I couldn’t help myself – I laughed.

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I am one that has been given a name also. I am ptthhhhh, I think I would like being that girl much better. Lol


LMAOOOOOO ... you still havent been given a better name then that? it makes me giggle every time you say that. Marco actually calls me by my first and last name now .... kinda like your parents did when you were in trouble when theyd use your first and middle name ... mhm thats marco now lol

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