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Sibling Rivalry

Ray P

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You expect this with kids, but parrots !!!!!

It must be the time of year and I think my two are going to drive me nuts.

They each have their special time with me and they both enjoy and love those moments.

You never want the other see you giving the other that attention they believe belongs to them and them only.

They can be out together with no trouble as long as they don`t see the other on me, and than it`s W.W. III.

Corky loves me my wife and son and spends a lot of time with each of us and she will tolerate Cricket being with me, but I am Crickets prized possession and she will do anything to get in between me and Corky.

They can both be on my shoulders at the same time, Cricket always on my left shoulder and Corky always on my right shoulder and every now and than Cricket will reach behind my head and try to grab one of Corky s tail feathers, but Corky is way to fast for Cricket and it ends up a verbal conflict be tween the two of them.

As a point of interest dose any one have this happen with their parrots.


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I have come to believe that my three are different than anyone else's parrots. They have their own "pecking" order. Ana Grey, TAG, is first always. First to come get food, out of her cage, and first into her cag; first for everything. My CAG, Sterling Gris is second in the these things. Louie, the ZON, is always last, last to come get food, last into his cage. He is the guard and protector. Always last always; the watcher. They do not fight; they know where they belong by their choice not mine. Ana Grey always eats or takes some and then leaves that's when Sterling comes in and when he leaves, Louie is next if he wants.

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My Grey thinks he is king, but, my Cockatiel & Lovebird were here first, and don't let him forget that. The Grey is bigger than them, but they are buddies, and do things together, and challenge the Grey to whatever they want. Mostly me, or food at the table. Everyone has his own food, cage, etc. and they rarely bother each other about these things. But, when it comes to me, I have to give everyone somewhat equal time, and whoevers turn it is, will let me know.

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Ah, this is where my two have a distinct advantage because Java loves cuddles, makes kissing noises and enjoys affection where Miss Gilbert prefers hands off. She does watch with interest when Java comes out and enjoys shoulder time. Java was here first and I did keep that order when feeding them and even though she is smaller, she is more assertive so she will be the one to get defensive if and when Miss G becomes more active. It took a long time to dissuade Java from dive bombing and tormenting the "intruder" but we are currently at a tenative peace accord.

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