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Phoenix Update


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First off I apologize for not having any pictures. I've taken some but they are horrible. I'll try again soon! Phoenix is such a charmer. He is still a little nippy and clingy but we are working on it. He has NO interest in toys just EVERYTHING that he shouldn't have. :rolleyes: I've spent a small fortune on toys but he really isn't interested. He meows exactly like a cat, whoofs, wolf whistles and the "come here" whistle and the kissing sound. He loves to take a shower and gets sooo excited when I ask him if he wants a shower. He's so smart and a little sneak! I love reading the boards and I'm so happy that I joined.

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I walked in from work tonite...opened bird room... counted 54321 Sophie was mobile and hunting me down. I had groceries to put away but I had put one bag in a brown paper bag. She was thrilled! Gave me ten minutes to put groceries away.While she was busy destroying it, she did ask me " How was your day?" LOL I am always happy to come home after a hard day at work to see Sophie! The stress I just went thru just " evaporates!" Nancy

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