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Lucy talking video


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So here we go.

Weeks of recording and days of editing. Did my best...

It's not all of her vocabulary, but most of it.

Let me now if you guys can understand, its clear to me, but maybe because I keep hearing it over and over.

Some of the sentences we still don't understand, she still working on them, but single words should be clear


Enjoy>> http://www.myafricangrey.com/

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no chickens, but she barks like our dog, and than she tells him to get out, LOL


One thing I like you to ask you guys, subscribe to my youtube channel.

I am trying to build up my channel so I can get more space and unlimited video post size, to do that I need to get some subscribers and at this point I have non.

So if it's not to hard for you, please do, I really appreciate it.


I am working on one more video now, so will post it soon.


Thanks all

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Thanks for sharing, had to laugh a little when she was telling herself "too loud" my favorite sound I had to say is the one that reminds me of when the batteries die in an xbox remote. I would never have guessed they could replicate that kind of sound.

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Great video! HRH Inara enjoyed watching it with me, and gave a bit of commentary while doing so. She laughed at one point, joined in with a quick bark, and told Lucy, "Good girl!" Like Quirky, I loved the electronic shutdown sound -- very cool!

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