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Welcome comittee

Ray P

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In our house we have a special welcome committee and her name is Cricket.

You can`t come through the door with out a loud and clear HI !!! from Cricket.

She is a favorite with our guest as is Corky , but Cricket is the mouth.

When she is on my shoulder and there is someone in the room she will put on a show just to get their attention.

She will vocally interact with any body that gives her attention.

She is the clown that draws all our guest to her cage.

That`s life with a amazon.

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That's great! of course, Nilah is our welcoming committee in our house! As soon as someone new arrives, Nilah fans her ail feathers, opens her wings out, raises her cute little yellow crown, with her eyes pinning in and out with excitement t, and loudly pronounces, "Nilah".....as she struts back and forth. Then she does her famous flip, swinging herself arou d her rope perch that I taught her. Then she continues going thru her repertoire of sentences. It is so cute how they love to show off.


I have to be careful, cause Nilah can get too excited and get out of control issue is out of her cage. If I know we are having company, I have to put her in her cage before they arrive.

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At my house, it's the exact opposite. We very rarely have guests, and my wife works and is gone all day. She doesn't have much to do with them, when she is home, though they know her, and will accept her presence. I'm home all day, so, except for me, the birds get very little interaction with anyone else. And when they do, everyone is as quiet as can be. Watching, quietly, not even peeping. People have commented that for a house full of birds, it is very quiet. I explain that they are shy and not used to other people being around. Any other times, my house sounds like a jungle movie with all the chattering, squawking, and whistling.

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Thus the difference been greys and amazons.


Janet. Mostly mine go in their cfes when I know someone is coming over, but occassionally we have a drop in. Mostly my family and friends stAy away...too much chaos with my birds and my 2 jumpy noisy bichons. And I'm perfectly happy that way!

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