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This is why I don't work from home


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From what I've read on their G&C forums they've really improved the optics on the FI9826W. Apparently their hardware is fantastic (relative to cost) - their problem is their crappy software. The only issue I'm having is the choppy frame rates when logged in from work. I haven't nailed down where the bottleneck is. It runs in near real time when I view it from within my intranet.

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Very fun looking picture. I have to ask...... why the hat?????


I guess my excuse is I grew up on a cattle ranch - I've always worn a hat. Dad would always ask "where's your damn hat". Then when I went into the Marines at 17, you damn well didn't go outdoors without your 'cover' - never. It's not to cover up missing hair as I still have it. Greycie loves to peek over the bill and play peek-a-boo.

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Wow nice pic with the cam! That is a lot better than mine will take. Maybe I need to update/upgrade...


I think maybe I need to upgrade my face! :D Loved this piccie, Sterling. Greycie and Toby are just so gorgeous and you're not so bad yourself, bud. Our family has a cattle ranch -- I get the hat thing.


Nice of your flock to allow you a little office space, I'll have to have HRH Inara send Greycie a note to tell her and Toby to up your rent. Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah Stayin' aliiiiiiiiiive :D

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