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Hope not to offend anyone with this question but here goes. Which is the better amazon to get. I have had a yellow nape whose goal was to destroy me. He would chase after me to rip me apart. I loved my dyh but oh boy when he got hormonal i was prettified of him. I have since done a lot more research on these little green guys and they say there are some that maybe dont get as aggressive as mine did. I would give anything of get my baby back which of course is not going to happen. Any suggestions on which i could\. I am now more clued in on what to do when they get like this.

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I have a yellow crowned amazon. I believe the females to be less hormonal as far as aggression goes, although Nilah can be territorial regarding her cage, but she is for the most part fairly easy, as long as she understands I am the boss, I don't let her get away with biting me and trying to have the upper hand.

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I have a female blue front amazon that is about 18 years or so old.

She is very sweet and loving to me and is very out going with other people.

She is a rehome that came with issues but did a 180 with love and tenderness.

She has turned out to be a great companion and very gentle






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