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Photo bomb ace

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Greycie loves a good photo shoot.

Greycie doesn't love some damn Caique getting in her frame.


If you've never had a Caique, they are extremely gregarious. The music plays and lil Toby will dance. He will dance in the shower. He will dance on the handlebars of a bike. He started dancing while I was just shooting Greycie and this is what I got - with a little help from me of course - he would have gotten on screen regardless:


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He did have help. If no help, it would have taken him longer to get in the frame but he would have gotten there. Once the camera came out, it was his mission in life to 'look down the barrel'. I think Greycie's reaction with her talon held in the air is priceless. You can just see her thinking - "WTF?!?"

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