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Saying hello!

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Hi all.... stumbled on the site while looking for some information, and thought I'd stick around :)



I'm Angie, "mom" to Greycie, our almost 3 year old African Grey (as well as 2 human kids & 2 cats!) We've had Greycie since she was 52 days old. We live in Livonia, MI (outside of Detroit, but don't let that scare ya...we're friendly!)


I'm brand new to forums, so please be patient while I learn. And I will certainly try to figure out how to post pics as well.



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I apologize... she is a CAG. Very lovable and too smart for her own good at times! LOL.... She loves to whistle and talks up a storm. She is fully flighted and enjoys free roam of the house when she's out. Luckily we have a very open floor plan and she cruises in and out of the rooms.


Only downside is we're currently having diet issues. We don't know why, but she's suddenly stopped eating her veggies. The vet has said to just keep an eye on her, but that it's not too uncommon for the sudden change. That's the only change we've seen, she eats her pellets, fruit, nuts/seeds mix. But, I'm still a bit worried since I know she needs the veggies. I've been perusing the forums and thinking I may try to make some birdie bread to give that a shot. :)

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Good for you finding us and working around Greycies changing tastes. Another idea is to blend the veggies with a little fruit and give her a sip when she thinks it is your smoothie. You can add some ginger and lemon juice to give it some snap or add some Chia seeds for the protein and amino acids.

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Hello Angie and welcome to our family.

So Greycie has sworn off vegetables, well its probably just a stage she is going thru right now so don't be surprised if she goes back to eating them again. There are lots of ways to sneak those things into including birdie bread and if you look thru the bird food room I imagine you will find more ways to include vegetables in her diet until she finds a taste for them again.

Please do browse thru all the rooms for you will find lots of useful information and do not hesitate to ask any and/or all questions you may have, most of us have been there and done that and its always reassuring to know someone else has been thru the same thing and came out of it without a scratch.

There is a thread in the photography room that may be of help to you in how to post pictures on the forum so I am looking forward to seeing some of Greycie.

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