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Moving overseas but only with KiiKii!


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Hi, I'm posting for information on how I go about relocating my grey with me to Canada.

I am moving and have one stipulation, she comes with me.

Any advice pease. I want to make the trip as comfortable for her as possible and not stress her, I think I'm going to be more stressed!

Any tips on paper work, vets etc or any hidden surprises that may flag up in immigration would be appreciated.

I'm traveling from the UK to Halifax NS.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

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I am unfamiliar with the UK to Canada rules for parrots but we flew from the US to Amsterdam to the Middle East and were able to have our cats in the cabin. Check with different airlines to find the policy. I know the weather was a factor for bringing our pets and we couldn't fly when it was too cold or too hot. It's tricky to find all the information you will need. While you are at it, check your home country to find out what bringing your grey back home will entail so you will be prepared in the event you have any issues with immigration once you get to Halifax.

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