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OMG make it stop


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Storm has decided that he likes the noise of my kitchen timer and also has decided that he MUST make that sound ALL DAY LONG, no matter how much is human momma hates it, no matter how much she has begged him to stop, no matter how much she just wants to scream stfu (no I didn't and I wouldn't) and the sad thing is he KNOWS I am tried of it but now that he has gotten attention from it, it is never gonna stop lol. At one point I thought he finally was ready to stop when I said "storm there is nothing in the oven" and he replied perfectly with "OK" and he stopped...for about 3 seconds lol. Of course he hasn't responded to my suggestion again.


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It is a really tough row to hoe, but you can help Storm eventually extinguish it by consistently ignoring it. Every time you respond in any way, it's like giving Storm a little paycheck to keep "working." :) A new sound is always a delight and one that gets practiced over and over and over especially when it gets any attention. So ignore, ignore, ignore. Don't look at Storm, don't make any noise, and don't respond; wait for Storm to make a sound that you *do* like, and then make a big deal over that sound. Eventually, this too shall pass (mostly). :D

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