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Inara Rocking Out and Walking Like an Egyptian


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Every late afternoon or early evening, Inara and I rock out. I dance crazily (and sing along -- forgive my lack of talent there!) and Inara rocks out also on her play perch. Danmcq suggested a while back that I try to grab it on tape. I finally did this afternoon. Although I'm doing most of the talking, you can catch Inara giving off her fluff up happy whistle and toward the end, you can hear her saying "rock" and "rock and roll" several times as she's into it with Bob Seeger. And naturally, "cookie" which always goes with rock and roll! Camera is wild because I'm dancing with her as is our custom.


If you look closely you can still see the red scratch mark on her beak from the "toy of death incident." Her beak has been growing out with no issues, and it's just going to have to work it's way down until it's finally gone. She's also molting, so this great to flip off itchy dander and loosen up nearly ready to drop feathers.


We love our rock and roll time! And it really helps Inara burn off some energy before roost time. Now that she's not being camera shy, she's yelling "rock!! wow!!! walk!!!" in the background as the video is playing and she can hear herself and me. Crazy funny!

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Inara is a charmer, and I love the way you interact with her. I'm gonna have to play more music for Gracie. She loves to learn songs from me, but I don't play a lot of music with her. Your choice of the Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian" brought back a lot of college memories (memories I probably shouldn't share!). Thanks for posting!

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Miss Gilbert was one room away while I played Inara's video and she certainly seems interested with much hooting and asking "what? what?" And "who dat be?" I will have to set the iPad near her so she can see how a happy Tag dances and rocks out. Thanks for sharing Inara's dance groove.

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