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My New Kitchen Decor!


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I have had an ongoing problem with Talon opening up my kitchen cupboards, climbing inside to perch on whatever bowl or dish she finds. That doesn't sound so bad, but my dishes, glasses etc. get covered with bird dander! OR she chews up whatever she can find, OR she throws stuff onto the floor...I have tried everything you can imagine.


SO , here I am, sitting on the couch trying to watch tv, and jumping up every couple of minutes to yell at her or spray her with water to get her off. SO.. here is my newest solution and it seems to be working...EXCEPT when I, or one of my kids forgets to look up, and we open a cupboard to get a dish only to get hit in the head...YES, my kids aren't to happy about it, but oh well!


If you click on the blurred pic, you can see the video tour of my new décor!




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Now that is funny. Its a lot more funny from this side of the internet watching it on a video, I'm sure. As I am encouraging Miss Gilbert to explore and make our house her playground there is a little voice in my head saying to be careful what we wish for but I think we have some happy birds on this forum. Talon looks pleased with herself up there in the cupboard.

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That is funny from afar! Gabby does it too and Pat just asked me as we walked outside if there was anything I cared about in the kitchen. I also keep a chicken toy that Gabs is afraid of on the counters, it detours her somewhat. Lol


So just came in and she was on the other counter throwing a spoon and coffee over the side. Good times I tell ya. Doesn't she know how expensive those coffee pods are for goodness sake!

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