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Tis the Season..


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Well it is definitely hormonal time in my house, especially with Rikki. I have a wooden box that sits above my kitchen cabinet that belongs to Talon and has for the last 3 years. Rikki is looking for any space that she can make her own nest. I have other wooden boxes above other kitchen cabinets, but at this tie, she wants this one. Today, Rikki was in it, and Talon said enough! They got into fight in it and Nilah decided to join in...the 3 of them were fighting, I yelled at them as I jumped up and flew over there with a water squirt bottle to spray and stop it. It wasn't working, so I jumped up on the counter and climbed up there, Poor Talon was on her back with her feet up screaming...Rikki was upright and not moving...I pulled the box up over them and out and they all flew off around the house in circles1



Well when the dust settled, I checked Talon out who was extremely upset, and she looked fine, Rikki was fine of course, and Nilah hadn't gotten anything in, she just didn't want to feel left out.

I kept Talon on my shoulder while I got ready for work and she seemed happy about that. SO, now they are all in their cages and I am at work. I am taking all the boxes down until this season is over. It was a very scary incident...:(




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