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New Years resolution

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Lots of playing with her on her back. That's actually nothing compared to what I can do with her. She will lay in my hand while I bounce her, even getting air and landing back in my hand. She seems to love it when I do that because she will do her "I'm excited" noises. She will also pull my hand over on her and want to wrestle. She didn't start out this way, I just kept doing it and getting bit until she finally decided it's fun!

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Like all my female relatives and friends, Gracie refused to get on the scales when we visited the avian vet last month. Every time I tried to place her on the scale, she flew off. I guess it is a family tradition. As my mother always says, "a woman's weight is nobody's business but her own." I leave my bathroom door open for her to weigh herself privately on the digital scale. She always erases the memory afterward. Thankfully she looks robust and healthy for a small grey.

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