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Hello Everyone..!


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Hello David and welcome to our family.

So you looking for a grey, do you have any birds at the moment, will this be your first grey, first parrot? I know I am asking lots of questions but we like to get to know you somewhat and you didn't give us much to start with so why not tell us more about yourself and whether you are looking for a baby grey or an older bird to rehome.

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Hi David, welcome to the forum. It is a great idea to look into the posts to learn what life is like when you live with a grey. It takes a great commitment but we all have found it to be worth it. I saw a note on your other post this morning asking about a scale. We just got ours from WalMart, a digital scale that can used in grams or ounces. Our vet usually weighs in grams. Our scale is wide enough to put a small wooden perch on it and then set it to zero so when the bird steps onto the perch it gets an accuate weight. We usually weigh our healthy greys weekly to watch for signs of illness because they are very good at hiding it until it gets serious. Also, the signature is in your profile, it is where you can put a quote or pictures of your parrot etc., like at the bottom of mine where I put a banner.

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Welcome David Luke! So glad that you found this forum and that you are doing your "homework/studying" before getting your Grey companion. There are so very many wonderful Greys out there that are in need of good homes. You'll find everyone here willing to answer any questions you might have, and you will also find as I have in my own short time here, that the people here are very friendly, intelligent, and respectful of others' unique opinions and perspectives. There are some great topics to read through, and if anyone ever condensed them all together the information in these forums would make a top notch book. :)


Are you looking to find a Congo (bright red tailed) Grey or a Timnah (slightly smaller darker colored) Grey, a baby or a young or an older Grey? There are all ages and types of Greys here so no matter which you eventually bring home, there are people here with experience. So don't be shy. :)

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