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A short video


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of my nerdie birdie. I have no idea why he does what he does at the end EVERY SINGLE TIME, but I am expect one day he will crack his beak :( Anyway, he is 18 months old now and is very much a "mama's bird" he needs to be wherever I am preferably ON me, but is ok some of the time to be right beside me.


He says a few words now "peek a boo" I'm gonna get your beak, I'm gonna get" "Oh I got it" "good boy" "be good" he whines like the dog and I think he might be having an identity crisis bc he started howling like the dog and he squeals like a girl. Perfect timing last week, my daughter asked what we were gonna have for dinner? I told her "we are having chicken tonight" when he heard that he let out this scared squeal noise LMAO was so funny.


Anyway A quick video of Storm and his toy.


I did change the settings of this to public but if you cannot see it let me know

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