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Rehoming situation


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If anyone can help, I saw this posted on the African Grey FB page:


"It is with such a heavy heart i am writing this, but there is no other way, Rocco hates my husband, we have tried everything we can think off, but to no avail, i really hope you all will not judge me on this or be horrible when i tell you what my decision is, because i have thought of everything to be able to keep him, from transforming the outside shed, to keeping them separated, to letting him live with my husband's mother but sadly that is classed as cruelty, so here is what i have thought of that is best all round, My husband needs safe housing, he is up to date with all his jabs, he can get abit randy at times, but 2 house bricks could easily solve this problem, if you feel you can offer him a place of safety where he wont be left out in the cold please let me know"



I read this and couldn't stop laughing. Rehoming her husband vs. the Grey. Classic!

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So many ways those bricks could be used, we women are pretty darn creative!

I love that ad but the first thing i thought of is that my hubby would be posting that for me. I only have 3 that love me, but they still tolerate Pat. His fids love him and really dislike me! LOL

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