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At what age does the first molt take place?


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I have read quite a few threads/stickys on molts vs plucking etc, but at what age does the first molt take place?


From what I gather it should take place around the 8 month mark going forward and can take some time.


I only ask this question as our little TAG is 7 months now and over the last two weeks I have found 3 feathers on the bottom of his cage, yet no signs of over preening or bare spots. I saved the feathers, and there appears to be no sign of struggle to get them out.


No changes in environment, schedule, food, treats etc, and the household temp has stayed constant at 72 degrees w/50% + humidity since the day we brought him home. I also give him a good misting in aloe vera juice every other day. That may seem a bit much, but he doesn't open his feathers like some Greys do so I get what I can get.


Thanks in advance

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It can be anywhere between 7/8 to 13/15 mts. No 2 birds are alike. It doesn't sound like you're doing too much but I will say not to put store bought special sprays on him. They won't do anything because molting is a natural process that happens when it happens. Keeping the skin soft eases itchness. The aloe will do that as well as water.

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Greycie started around 8 months and there were feathers all over the place. She was constantly playing with them in her beak as she would be preening and they would come out. Startled us at first but within a few weeks it stopped. She even lost several of her tail feathers which have since grown back in. She's 14 months now.

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