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sexual dimorphism


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Sorry, not really. But DNA sexing has become safe, reliable & affordable. Many ask their avian vet while their fid is in for a check up or whatever. But there are also companies like this one.




I had mine done at the vet. But I believe other members have sent for a kit & may be able to refer you (or not) from their own actual experience.

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Quite a few years ago, there was supposed to be a non-DNA method but that's been proven to be very unreliable and it could be only done on adut birds. It had to do with the shape of the head, the general size of the bird, the color of the feathers, the shape of the eyes etc. It was all proven to be wrong.

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AvianBiotech.com will send you kits to have sexing done by blood sample, feather sample, or eggshell sample. I had it done by blood sample for $19.95. My vet wanted $55.00. And she uses Avian Biotech. I brought the test card to her, and she cut his nail a bit too short and collected the blood for me. You can do it yourself.

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