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African rain forest sounds... For Ms Dayo


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So recently I was playing ancient frog on my iPad which featured some pretty cool rain forest background sounds. it occurred to me Ms Dayo might like to hear these sounds since I think they originate from where her relatives are from. Probably not but maybe something close anyway. So I downloaded a rainforest track to my iPad and played it over my wireless speaker for her while she sat and ground her beak before bedtime. She didn't react much. she looked around at first but then ignored it I think I found it more relaxing than she did. I've played it a few times since then during the day time and she's very much more vocal when I have it on. I feel like it makes our home closer to her natural environment. I left it playing while I went out today and when I came home she was much more nippy than usual I thought maybe it's bringing out the wild in her. or maybe it makes her uptight, But that's just a guess she could've just been more nippy for some other reason. Will keep experimenting... :)

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They may sound very alien to her since she has been brought up in a modern environment. My first CAG was wild caught and he would make some very eerie sounds on occasion that I assumed were from his native area. Very interesting, and definitely something to observe regarding whether she gets nippier from the sounds.

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