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First meeting in 2004.


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This is Misty on the day we first met. June 11 2004.

I found it quite an emotional experience looking at this again. I had no idea what the future would bring for us.

Only that we would share it together.

But that look on his face.:) I expect he was thinking "Who is this? why is he here?"



This is Misty yesterday having a special Christmas treat. A mince pie. He looks so much better although he is nearly ten years older.

Of course we still don't know what the future will bring but I am still determined that we will share it together.:D


Steve n Misty

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What a lovely transition! I love seeing photos of handsome Misty, and the depth of your bond is so apparent in every word you write, Steve. May this New Year bring you both good health, fun, and continued tenderness and love.

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This is a great photo comparison Steve. He was looking at you with such curiosity in the first photo but he doesn't look stressed, just casually curious. In the second photo is the Misty we have all come to love through your posts, he looks regal and confident. Or maybe it is "large and in charge" that he is going for in that pose. As we reminisce of the beginning of our relationship, sometimes I fervently wish I had been ready sooner to have had this parrot relationship my entire adult life. It is one of the most profound experiences I have had other than my immediate family and sometimes its even better. Just don't let them know I said that. There is something exquisitely unique about the discovery of what I would never have guessed could come with the little bundle of frayed feathers. She so quickly has nested deep in my heart and this even when she still acts like she doesn't even like me much. LOL.

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Awww! That is so sweet. Misty really has thrived w/all your TLC! Bird keepers have learned so much in the past 10 yrs. So of course, have all of us as individual parronts. Those pics are such a greyt example. Doesn't hurt any that Misty happens to be a particularly beautiful grey to begin with. :)

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Thanks for sharing the original meeting of you and Misty. I love the natural tree stand that you have in your house for him. He looks like he's enjoying the mince pie immensely. I'm sure you have a more photos, videos and stories to share with us over the last 10 years that you have spent with Misty. I hope you share them with us over this next year. :)

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