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Breezy is definitely talking.


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Breezy, even though young, is demonstrating " leadership" traits. That is EXCELLENT! Eventually, there will be a pecking order in your house. Even if your mccaw is bigger, I suspect Breezy will rule the animal kingdom.Its important to introduce them to each other under supervision. My birds met each other when they were young. Sophie ruled from the start. She spent a ton of time deciding who should have what toy, depriving herself.She was the matriarch of the family of birds! I had to intervene... tell everyone...this is for Sophie! Nancy

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Breezy sounds awesome. Greys will take over the animal kingdom no matter how big other birds will be. They will rule the dogs, cats other animals. If other animals accept the Grey as the leader ( as in my house), they will find a Grey who truly cares. When I go and buy toys in bulk for dogs and birds, Sophie will give a " cluck" of approval. Once we divvy up the toys and everyone is happy.... I present her with toys that I saved just for her.She is always pleased! I remind her.... " I know you love everyone, and take care of the family... but I am your Rom, and I take care of you!" She understands Nancy

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