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New Shari Lewis Song


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One of the things that I like about this forum is the perceived age of most people. I get the feeling that most of the members are middle aged. So, several of you should remember Shari Lewis. On her show, she'd sing a song called, "The Song That Never Ends". It was one simple verse, that would lead into a continual repeat of itself. I have sung that song throughout most of my life. Often to the chagrin of coworkers and other associates. LOL If you are unfamiliar with it, you can google it. I have come up with my own version while cleaning bird cages. Sometimes having to clean many cages a day. I call it, "The Job That Never Ends". If you remember the original, the melody is the same.

This is the job that never ends,

Because of all my feathered friends,

I started cleaning cages

full of feathers, fluff & fuzz,

and I'll continue cleaning them

forever, just because...This is the job that never ends...

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That's greyt! I was very young, but I do remember her and that song quite well! Thanks for getting it stuck in my head for the rest of the nite!


Second all of that!! But you're forgiven because you also conjured up a very old & happy Xmas memory. When I was so small I remember reaching up for my Father's hand, we went to see her put on a Xmas show in Boston. Every window display delighted me because every storefront downtown was decorated w/wondrous animated scenes in those days. All the magic of Xmas any small child could ever wish for!! :D

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I do remember Miss Lewis and Lambchop, but I don't remember the song. I'll have to go out to youtube to see if I can find it, as I love the words you've put to it and I now simply *must* have the tune!! Especially after having just spent 2.5 hours doing the monthly deep clean on Inara's home. Certainly it would go faster if she was not "helping" me. . . :)

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