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Advice needed on toys for 6 month old Mahi


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I am planning to buy the below toys for my Mahi (6 months old CAG, no out of cage time yet as it is new and cautious of us).


http://www.amazon.com/Wesco-Original-Bird-Kabob-Shreddable/dp/B0002FP1W0/ref=pd_bxgy_petsupplies_img_y (is this safe? Would it know not to consume the shredded pieces?)






Please provide your advices - I do not want to give her something unsafe :)



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These are all safe, They will not eat pieces of the toys you have shown. They just chew and drop the pieces out. Please introduce new toys from a distance outside the cage. Lay them on a table or couch etc. for your grey to observe from a distance and slowly over days move them closer until finally attaching them to the outside of the cage. Once your grey is comfortable with that, pace the toy in the cage. Your grey may show attention to one that does not scare him and may be one that he already likes. If thats the case, you can place it directly in the cage with no familiarizing needed.

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The only problem I have is with this one: http://www.amazon.com/Wesco-Original-Bird-Kabob-Shreddable/dp/B0002FP1W0/ref=pd_bxgy_petsupplies_img_y. My CAG has a great way of getting tangled in rope. If all the round pieces are gone and rope remains, my Sterling Gris would get tangled in a flash and scream like the world was ending. (and getting a leg tangled can be very dangerous) Of course that's just my CAG, he is a big clumsy lug and baby.

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Just FIY, this is the one that scratched Inara's beak and skin between her nostrils so badly that the beak scratch is still red after all this time even as her beak is growing out. Avian Vet put her on topical antibiotics for 7 days and now it just has to grow itself out. The metal skewers that the toy is constructed on did not have their ends completely closed, and were jagged. I had thought I had done a thorough job of addressing that but missed the very bottom one.



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