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Dayo watching Rudolph...


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Oh I see, Maybe it's because I am on a MAC. I only get the one option to type the URL of the image.


OK, then you can enter the URL manually as you have, but place bracket commands like this yoururlhere . Then the image will show in your post.


I forgot to mention in my previous post.. That is a cute photo of Dayo watching Rudolph. :)

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Aww, that is so kind of you to ask about Ms. Dayo. She is a two year old CAG. We have some history on this forum with training and mostly mistakes I have made but all in all we are doing very well together. She is the love of my life. I am currently working part time from 4:30 - 8:30 so I have lots of time with her. I have learned so much just reading these posts. Last night I read through the Bite Me club forum... lots of good stuff in there and similar behaviors such as nipping to get attention... she does that. Most of what I learned about Greys I learned after I got her so I am somewhat riddled with guilt for "Owning" her and am resolved to give her the best life she can have albeit in captivity. My dream for her is to get her harness trained so I can take her outside to fly and experience some outdoors. Here are some more photos of the princess :) ...


Here she is helping me study...



Then I gave her her own book...



snacking on cherries...








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Loved all these photos of Dayo. She looks like she is enjoying her time with you very much. In regards learning as you go, greys are different than any other parrot. We all started from the same point in the beginning as you did. To make things even more challenging in learning grey behavior, they are each unique in how they interact with us individually. There are common things such as body language, growling, screeching like a pterodactyl as they fly around, most do not like baths, they are not clingy, they are fearful of new things and lastly they are smarter than us in terms of manipulation, learning our body language, delivering sucker punches and knowing our feelings better than we do theirs.


Since my grey Dayo is the male counter part your female grey Dayo. I am keenly interested and would love to hear stories about her and see more photos and videos. We all enjoy reading each others experiences with their greys, seeing their photos and videos. We all have "Ah Ha" moments regardless of how many years we have had our grey when reading others experiences with their greys and what they finally figured out after long term observance of cause and effect. I can say with certainty, that no one knows or understands everything about a grey regardless of how long they have had them. They are one of the most complex creatures on this planet and belonging to this forum will increase a person knowledge and understanding of grey behavior exponentially compared to not belonging to it.


So write volumes and others too !!! The photos were GreYt!!!:)

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Thanks for the great pics! But I don't think Dayo like's the head elf very much given her body language. lol


Although I don't know if you did it on purpose, but, you also just gave me a great idea. From now on when I'm reading, I'm going to stick a sheet of paper in my book so they can nibble away. Then I won't have to be all mean & chase them off if they decide to customize my book for me. So thanks for that, too. ")

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Yes, that might work... even better pick up some book especially for them. When I am reading a softcover Dayo wants to eat the book while I read it so I keep pointing to the left side of the book (Where I have already read) and she seams content to focus on that. The Psych book was too expensive to let her chew so giving her her own book did the trick but that piece of paper sticking out was of no use - she had no interest in it. I do sometimes have a book mark sticking out the top which has a dangly button on it those keep her attention away from the book for a while. I have a bunch of them to spare though so it's no issue when she chews them up.

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