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Sudden acute plucking


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The manager that I work for has a CAG that is approaching 1yo. Last night he noticed plucking above the base of the tail feathers, under the wings and I'm assuming around the oil gland area. Anyone venture a guess about what's wrong? I'm guessing infection in the oil gland itself maybe.


He set up an appointment with a standard vet and I re-routed him to one of the best avian vets in our area. That should provide some answers hopefully.

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That's what happened when Neytiri had an infected preening gland. If you lootkat the gland it looked like a big red pimple. Tom a while for all the feathers to grow back and Neytiri had to spend some time in a cone. But she's good to go now.

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So far no diagnosis. They took blood and are waiting on results. The vet started her on an antibiotic and something else to relieve itchiness. He says the bird seems better. The vet said nothing appeared unusual with the preening gland. I sent him the info on Aloe Vera in one of the stickies so he said he'd go by last night and get some of that to start misting her with. I'm still waiting to see what comes back too. Never met the birdy but hoping for the best.

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