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Fragrance beads


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In my experience, anything that is made to make the house smell better is bad for Parrots. Mainly for respiratory health reasons. Much like any potent fume/chemical: bleach, cookware, ovens, air fresheners...


Cleaning the cage with white vinegar and putting a pot of boiled lemon and orange peels on the stove gives off a nice citrus smell that's both natural and deodorizing.


You can also buy specific cleaners that are safe even while your Fid is in his cage: http://www.windycityparrot.com/AviClean-Enzyme-Cage-Cleaner-and-Deodorizer-32-oz-Spray_p_3123.html


Edit: also, it's usually okay to have MILD fragrances such as potpourri in separate rooms, as long as they're not too overpowering and you can't smell them in the bird room. Even then, it's iffy because a Parrot is much more sensitive to these things than us Parronts.

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Store bought aromatics are a crap shoot. The problem is generally additives, fillers & the carrier mediums. Even if a particular brand or scent didn't cause any problems, doesn't mean anything next time because manufacturers change their formulas sometimes.


Homemade potpourri can be easy, fun, safe & natural. Also nice because it's custom made exactly the way you'd like it to smell. Pure ingredients can be found online, in the grocery store & even in the backyard. Diffuser oils can be created w/a carrier base like olive or almond oil.


Our fids' senses are more sensitive than ours though. So they might not agree w/every scent combo. Like the way we might like some perfumes & get a headache from others. It's safer to use any non-edible combinations in a different room. Also a good idea to keep anything that's made w/anything toxic to the fids out of reach.



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