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Making a Seed Catcher


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Hello, all. Thought I'd come on here before trying it on my own to see if any of the more experienced Parronts might know.


I have a 23X32 cage for my Corvo, white, and unfortunately do not have the make/model name of the cage. It appears to be a Cal Cage in viewing the door hinge, bars, and cup/feeder holders, but I could certainly be mistaken.


Any who, my Seed Catcher idea is a little more practical than simply for catching seeds. As I take Corvo out as much as possible and he has a bird stand on the top part of the cage as well as a separate one that I place him on for play time or when cleaning the cage/making arrangements, there is always the issue of Corvo climbing down and getting to the carpet to tear it apart. He enjoys this very much -- who could blame him? It's a fun toy!


So I'm thinking from a rather "acute" angle ;) at this point, in thinking that a seed-catcher will solve the problem of him coming down to tear the carpet apart when I'm in another room or preoccupied on the phone. As he's in a corner, I will only need one long 32inch and a short 23inch for two sides (as there's little room for him to come down between the wall and the cage).


What fabrics do you think would work best for this? I'm thinking either fashioning it out of metal, durable plastic, or plexiglass. I figure wood is out of the question unless it has a Parrot-safe bird finish on it, with which I'm ill-equip.


I've looked online for a bit, but could only find an expensive "one-size fits all" plastic piece, and reading the reviews, some people say it falls apart and is broken easily. Just bad manufacturing. ( http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=8362 )


Has anyone else tried to do this? If so or not, any helpful hints to complete such a task? And just for fun -- what do you do to keep your Grey from climbing down from the cage and wreaking playful havoc to the carpet? If I could, I would get wood floors -- but it's an apartment.


Any help would be appreciated! :D

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Here are photos of my Bailey's cage. The cage came with a "guard" attached. You can see it on the bottom of the cage. It catches poop & seeds & debris. Maybe you could make a similar thing. It sticks out about 6 inches. It also keeps him from climbing down to the floor.


Thanks so much! I actually went out and bough some plastic. Excited to get it started. Will post pics with my attempts. :) could you elaborate how they fastens it to the bars on the bottom, though? I can't see that.

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