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What's your favorite sound?


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As I was sitting here with my coffee, the house quiet, I tuned in to the sound of Inara's contented beak grinding noise. It dawned on me that of all the wonderful words and sounds that she makes, that this one truly resonates deep in my heart. It brings a smile every time, as for me it signals that she feels that all is well in her world.


She spent a lively morning playing on her little PVC perch, alternating between just being "busy" checking out every little part of it to make sure that she could not pry it apart with her beak; shredding some paper stuffed into a cardboard tube, happily discovering an almond in its shell that needed a lot of attention and then some good eating; flapping her wings like mad and yelling, "roll," then throwing a bit of number chat in just for good measure; asking for a cookie; some good preening time; then flying off to head for her "home," where she is perched atop her favorite rope perch, just making that lovely, contented sound.


I do love so many of the things she says, I do love listening to her practice chatting, her one-sided Grey T&T conversations make me laugh, her cleverness with some of her appropriate language usage, but none warm my heart like her sounds of contentment.

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I love them all, even the screaming because i know they are being birds and are comfortable enough to let it loose! My fav though is Bubba at night. We have this ritual of nut and kisses and night-nights, but when i start lowering the lights and saying sunset he starts with his "I Love". ( It is more like "I lub" but he won't say you.) To me, everytime i hear him say that, my heart melts! The one that makes me laugh is Cotay. If we even look like we are walking to the back door she says, "Wanna go outside? Gotta pee pee?"

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I particularly love it when all mine are beak grinding at the same time. They all sound a little different & it's just the sweetest thing to listen to.


They all have their own special something, too. Charm has the cutest little birdy chuckle that I love. Kura has a soft "Eww" sound that's hard to describe, but it's basically a special version of I love you. Phenix has a nonsense word that would definitely seem to mean something very good. It sounds almost English & it's adorable. I have no idea where exactly it came from but it makes my heart sing because he only says it whenever he decides all is well in his world.

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