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Ideas for shreddable toys I can make?


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Hi everybody. We still absolutely love Breezy. He is great with both of us and I have some toys I ordered on the way. Anyone got some more great ideas for shredable homemade toys? He LOVES stuff he can rip apart and destroy. He wants me to keep them coming. Wrapping up treats in paper to make foraging toys but I would love some more advanced ideas. I am kind of handy and artistic but just need some help sometimes with ideas. Have looked through the threads in this forum and have seen some imaginative ideas for homemade toys so I am sure I could get tons of ideas here. Thanks in advance for any responses I get. I think it might be cool to weave things to make toys and am just trying to brainstorm ideas for safe materials I can use that my two birds will have fun with.

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I use many ordinary household items. Things like paper cups, toilet paper rolls, small paper plates, cupcake cups, plastic drinking straws, little cardboard boxes, or pieces of cardboard, paper packing shreds, just about anything like those. Since you are creative, tie or string them together somehow. Use natural cotton cord, natural rawhide laces, anything not dyed or processed. You could give him natural loofah, my guys love chewing on that. How about things from the craft store or dollar store, like plain popsicle sticks, wooden coffee stirrers, small wooden spools, small wooden spoons, etc. Once you start making your own toys, you'll see materials everywhere.

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Phenix is more of a wood guy. Kura's the big shredder. Of everything I've dreamed up though, her absolute favorite is when I hang a roll of paper towels. If you read it thru, this thread discussed a few different shreddables as a solution to the problem...




These ought to give you a couple of more ideas.






Warning: Toy making can become highly addictive!! This tends to be particularly true in the deep dark dead of winter. Anyone realizing they have indeed been affected should please inform the membership as soon as possible. We will require pictures. Lots & lots of them. ")

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Thanks so much for those links. I am reading through them all, lots of great ideas. Had a little bit of excitement today. Clipped a toenail too short, had to apply kwik stop but he is fine now and is eating. Poor guy moved right when I pressed down on the handles to clip and cut too much.

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