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Parrots on snow


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It is winter time here in Macedonia and I was searching on internet to find some data of parrot's ability to live in a winter conditions with snow and low temperatures. I found many beautiful pictures of parrots on snow, but this one attached herewith, was most beautiful and impressive (for me).

This brings me an idea that I should take Poly with me on a winter holiday in January. Since whole family is skiing and boarding I will (try to) teach Poly snowboarding. The only problem is that I can't find appropriate snowboarding boots for him. If anyone has new or second-hand parrot snowboarding soft boots for sale, regardless of brand and price, please let me know and I will make you an offer.

...and yes, since Poly is an absolute beginner in snowboarding, wearing a helmet will also be in order.


Meanwhile, I would like to hear if your Greys like snow, whether watching the snow from the window or being outside.


The picture herewith attached is property of Worth1000.com and the poster has no IP or CR over it. It was downloaded from public internet source with no restriction of copying and posting it forward.

macaw on snow.jpg

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Cannot help you with the boots, but, there are some parrots that like, or at least tolerate, snow. Kea Parrots are mountain dwellers in Australia, and I've seen photos of them in snow. Plus, I've seen feral parrots in Brooklyn, N.Y. foraging through snow, looking for food. And enjoying snow baths, as well. Playing in snow same as they do in birdbaths.

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