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Breezy has an aversion to vegetables


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Well, I have Breezy in his cage with some carrots, apples and greens. He is getting there in that he is taking little bites and I see some on the bottom of the cage but I can tell he is not too crazy about them. Naturally enough he likes the apples, they must taste good to him. For now sneaking the veggies in his oatmeal chopped fine so he gets the benefit. So far I am tricking him and he doesnt know. Hope he doesnt catch on and figure it out, he needs veggies and a good diet. Thank God he loves his pellets and is eating those great. Got to hide from him while he is in there. When he sees me he jumps on the side of the cage closest to me flutters his wings and begs to come out. He does need to learn to occupy himself in his cage though. I really love him a lot, I couldnt be happier with him. The timnehs have so much personality. They may be little but I have always loved them.

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