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So I was wondering...


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I was going to name the thread "Regurge" but thought ... eww that was nasty but here in lies the question about it ....

For the first time Sunday Marco did this not once but 4 times almost in a row. Heres what we were doing and what she did.

I set my stove to "self clean" and knew that we had to vacate the house for 4 hours so we packed Marco up in her travel cage, warmed the car up, put a blanket round her cage and ran to the car once in the warm car, I moved the blanket back ...

She was in my lap in the cage and I could see her starting to "wretch" for lack of a better word and then poof up came a lil chunk. Then again 3 more times in her cage.

SO now Im freaking out. I know that ya'll say its like some sorta "affection" thing but like I said, shes NEVER done it before and seems like a weird time that shed be showing any type of affection. So heres my question ...

Could her being nervous in the cage of made her do that? Or could she actually of had an upset tummy that made her do that? I had just fed her prior to packing her up. Your thoughts?

She was TOTALLY fine once we got to my friends house, and didnt do it anymore nor did she do it on the way home. Shes travelled with me LOTS before so I was thinking perhaps it was just nerves being draped under the blanket to keep warm and stuff.

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Can you describe Marco's body language when she did this? Did it look like she was sort of moving her neck back and forth is a twisty way making eye contact with you? When I have seen Gracie regurgitate--it seems very intentional with a very specific kind of undulating movement in the throat, neck and head. It doesn't seem like vomiting.

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she was inside her travel case and it img-ae_carrier_green.jpglooks like this so she could see me but with that meshy netting it wasnt overly clear .... anyways ... she was on the lil perch in that carrier and began to bob her head up and down there wasnt any sound she was looking at me as best she could and just one little tiny piece of "something" food Im sure came up. My first thought was I had made her nervous being covered up and whisking her into the car so quickly cuz it was so cold ... I would be suprised if it was out of affection ... just seems like a weird time to have done that for the first time EVER ....

She is great now, not another episode at all the rest of the day or since .. shes eating and acting normal and even said a new word last nite APPLE :D

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I've also seen a couple of the rehabs do it when they were nervous or afraid. But if it helps, they're not throwing up like we think of it.They're moving it from their crop, not stomach & it's not a big deal to them. If something doesn't sit comfortably, they'll think nothing of dumping it. They regurgitate food for their chicks & mates on a regular basis. They can also snatch food in a hostile situation to carry off so they can eat it later, for want of a better way to put it.

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