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Entertaining Owl Video


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Yikes! That was somewhat entertaining.....but mostly I watched it with my heart in my stomach.


I almost lost my 3 year old Bichon frise 3 weeks ago. He was attacked by a Great Horned Owl just off my deck when I let him out to around 4:30 in the am to go pee. I scared it off by yelling. He had severe puncture wounds all over his back sides and stomach. He spent days in the hospital and couldn't move or walk for a week. This owl has lived here for about 3 yeRs, but never tried to take my dog before....he almost got him and I never would have known....as the video says, they attack in silence, my dog ever saw it coming.

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Years ago, I had a Wildlife Rehab Permit, and worked with Raptor Rehab and return to the wild, if possible. I loved working with Owls. They are extremely interesting. Their habits, etc. And they have the softest feathers. Many baby chicks make a clucking noise. Owls can be dangerous, as well. Both to our pets and ourselves. Their talons are needle sharp, and beaks can be like razors. But, they can also be so cute. I had an Elf Owl, about the size of a large Lovebird, that was confiscated by the SPCA, and I was allowed to adopt. She was adorable. She became somewhat tame and handle-able. She ate insects, mostly crickets. And lived in a large outdoor aviary. Some people see them as good luck, some see them as bad luck. The town Parks Dept. where I live does an "Owl Prowl" a couple times a year. We go out at night, in the parks and wetlands, with guides & flashlights, and look for Owls.

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