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Be careful!!

Steve 2

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So I was sitting in my recliner next to Toulouse's cage, listening to an audio book and speaking occasionally to Toulouse. After a bit I noticed that Toulouse's stance looked a bit odd, legs looked too far spread but he did not look bothered. Watched him more closely for a minute or two and I noticed his right foot wasn't going anywhere but he did pivot his left leg about. When I looked closer I saw that one of his talons/toes was stuck in a small hole in a cage horizontal bar. I had never noticed the hole before. I had to cradle Toulouse in my hands while my wife tried to work the foot free. I only grab Toulouse when he is in a dangerous position and then only long enough to move him, he was very upset to be held longer and gave me a pretty good bite. I have used that cage for my pionus for 4 years and Toulouse has been housed there for over a year. I hate to think if this had happened when the family was at work/school. It could easily have resulted in a serious injury. You just never know, so be vigilant.


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Sooo glad you were there! No matter what the issue is... safety comes first. Toweling, etc. it doesn't matter. We had a house fire.... had to move the cages out quickly. Had practiced with kids. Dogs wouldn't be an issue. They would go to the car. As we have " open cage belief", could be a problem! If they were on gym, there would be " limited time", to get them in their cage, wheel them out the door. We were all prepared to towel, whatever! Fire was identified in basement... dogs went to car, birds were on their gym, got " shooed in"... cages were sent out the front door.( hardwood floors got scratched to death), BUT.... within five minutes.. our dogs were in the car, Birdcages were in the front yard. Everyone was safe. WE were proud!I knew the fire cheif. After all was done.. he asked " Is this the Webster zoo?" LOL! Nancy ( I really was proud, that all reacted like we practiced. I said..." this is NOT a drill!" Ryan and I were home, we took care of it like planned Nancy

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Great reminder, and how stressful for you all until your sweet Toulouse was freed. It speaks a lot to your bond, that you noticed something was amiss even though Toulouse was not giving any audio signals or overt physical signals that something was wrong. So glad that all ended well, and am appreciative of the reminder to take a periodic look over of toys, cages, etc.

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