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Happy Holidays :D


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Hi everyone!


I know it has been awhile, as I said before I have to wait to post now until I can use my sisters computer so it takes me a lot longer!


Loki (formerly Thane) is doing great! He is still a complete cuddle bug with me, usually around 5:30 he comes down and sits with me for a good hour long head rub before bed. He has gotten a little nippy with my sister now usually when she is going to take him out of or put him back in his cage. This doesn't happen often but he is pretty serious with his bites when he does bite her.


I am happy to report that when I had family up for the Holidays he did really well, he growled at a few people but calmed down after a minute. This was the first time he really experienced a house full of new people, so I was happy with my little guy!


He is doing OK with his relationship with my sister eclectus Yoshi, although they are both kind of going through some hormonal changes so they definitely aren't BFF's!


He is eating really well, although I am disappointed that he would not even try the pomegranate that I got for him! The pictures are of him eating snow peas, he really seems to like these and has finally figured out how to get the peas out of the pod :D






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So I finally broke down and bought him a boing, he was so uncoordinated when I first brought him home I left the generic perch as an easy way for him to to get across his cage. Well it arrived today and I can't say that he is excited yet BUT I am hopeful, my sisters eclectus loves his so we shall see :-)

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