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Do Greys dream?


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Do parrots have REM sleep as mammals do?

Yes. According to research at the University of Chicago, not only parrots but all birds do dream. They dream about their vocalization, songs, have dream rehearsals, and sing the same songs better the next day. Greys do talk/mutter in their sleep sometimes and sometimes perform new tricks and words next day better than previous day.


What do you think of this? Your experiences with your Greys dreaming?

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I truly have never seen any sign of REM sleep in any parrot I have owned or presently have. This does not mean I could positively say they do not have dreams, nor could I say they do. Some are thought to sleep in flight. They are able just like other animals like dogs to sleep one half the brain while the other is still active. A few links on this:






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Interesting question, MK, and great links, danmcq. I've always wondered if the sometimes ESP-like interactions between birds and their humans can be attributed to the bird somehow sensing electromagnetic waves/patterns from their human's brain. Sounds very sci-fi, I know, but as we learn more about the cryptochrome protein in both humans and birds, perhaps we will discover that we "sense" each other more than we are currently aware consciously.

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Yes... birds dream, just like we do. My dogs, whom sleep with me, dream as well. I am a light sleeper, and worry about my Zoey, getting into " seizure mode". She dreams more than the rest of the gang. I wake her up, all the time. If she starts " sniffing" my bed... gets agressive... it will progress to a possible seizure. When we go to bed... I don't let her be playful, as she wants to be. She is eight now. When she is at the vet... people ask me " how old is she?" Six months? She is frozen in " puppy time"... playful, young looking... BUT... she has seizures, and throid problems! She is an amazing dog... Nancy

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