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Lancashire Telegraph, on November 08th, 2011 reported about Sam's (CAG) heroic act in Darwen, UK:

Mimicking his owner Suzanna Bolton’s voice, 18-year-old African Grey parrot Sam squawked a distress call in her ear after going upstairs and jumping onto her bed in the dead of the night. Sam woke Suzanna with calls to ‘come on, come on’ before leading her to the pups. Mrs Bolton’s four-year-old Pomeranian bitch Sally had gone into labor a week early and both she and her puppies were in distress on a cold and wet kitchen floor. Mrs Bolton said:

Sam is allowed to roam around out of his cage, but parrots are not known to move at night. That night he seemed to know what was going on and came looking for me to help.He’s never been in my bedroom before in the eight years I’ve had him, but he came up the stairs, climbed on the bed and started talking to me in my own voice with the words “come on, come on”, which I often say to Sally. I wondered what on earth was going on and took Sam back downstairs to his perch, but then he looked at me and squawked. It was then I looked in the kitchen and saw the puppies. One had died and the other five boys were all very, very cold and wet. I quickly got the heat pads out for them and got them next to a radiator, and luckily they’re now doing well. I honestly believe that if Sam hadn’t have acted how he did, then the others could have died too during the night.”


Do you know of another heroic act of Greys? If yes, share it with other forum members, please.

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Heartwarming story. I do not have a story like that, but, I do of 2 birds that are trained as "Emotions Support Animals" (ESA). One is a Green Cheek Conure that will warn his guardian when the man is about to have an attack of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The other is a Scarlet Macaw that warns his diabetic guardian when his sugar is either very low or very high. And have heard of, but, do not know, of a Conure of some kind that warns his guardian when she is about to have an epileptic seizure. Birds can be very intuitive!

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