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African Greys need more calcium than other bird species?


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As I am aware, the hypothesis that Greys need more calcium than other birds is still up for debate, but nevertheless, many pet owners find themselves in the veterinarian’s office with a diagnosis of low calcium in the blood, which can lead to seizures and other medical complications.


Some avian vets claim that “The most common medical problem associated with African Greys is hypocalcemia" It is considered more common than feather picking, respiratory disease and malnutrition.


Greys seem to need more calcium than some other species, but calcium alone is not enough. It takes a number of other nutrients to properly absorb the calcium, such as magnesium, boron, vitamins C, D, and K, which are all part of the calcium complex. Veterinarians are giving seizure-Greys calcium shots, with no results until the other parts of the complex, especially magnesium, is given.


I have been advised not to give calcium, or any other dietary supplements, to my bird unless otherwise prescribed by the vet.


My bird does not have any problem that may be related to calcium and he has regular diet rich in calcium, vitamin C, D, K and magnesium.


I just want to share some info of the above: Greys need more calcium than other parrots- True or Myth? :confused:

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